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CannaCeuticals Swiss heritage is at the core of our revolutionary skincare products. Our pure, cosmeceutical-grade CBD extract hails from the crisp, clean air of Switzerland, but our heritage goes much further than that. Swiss culture is known for its precision and perfectionism, and CannaCeuticals radiates that same standard in every formula we produce. Our team of formulators are made up of chemists and product developers that analyze every detail, sourcing ingredients from all ends of the earth to create the most balanced, highly efficacious, anti-aging CBD skincare products in the world.

CannaCeuticals CBD7 anti-aging skincare products incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) which is known as a superior antioxidant and potential anti-inflammatory, both of which are significant in anti-aging. Our Swiss heritage influences a sense of unity in our products, and we combine CBD with other essential anti-aging ingredients to create formulas that pack a powerful punch. You’ll find that each product is carefully stacked with ‘just the right’ blend of what your skin needs to have astounding, visible results.

We care about helping you achieve your skincare goals. After all, every woman deserves to look and feel her best. We believe that your skin is the window by which you can radiate health, youth and happiness; which is why our products are backed by a clinical trial. Try our products, try one, try all! You’ll be amazed by what you see in the mirror… and if you’re not, just send them back within 30 days and we’ll even pay for the return shipping.

So, what are you waiting for?
Start seeing results, and a radiate a more youthful look!
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Perfect. Precise.

The quality you expect
from Swiss ingredients.


Non-GMO, Sustainable CBD

Healthy, happy CBD for you
AND mother earth.


Swiss Science

Revolutionary product
efficacy in anti-aging.

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